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Stephanie Johnson

Founder / Licensed Practical Nurse

Stephanie Johnson is a wife and mother of three new to the Atlanta Area. In 2020, she started the New Standard Learning Center. The purpose of NSLC was developed from Nurse Johnson's desire to see her patients treated with love and respect. She wanted to set a new standard of medical care that focused on altruistic and empathetic practices. 

NSLC Mission: New Standard Learning Center strives to positively change the mindset and hearts of newly committed healthcare professionals by implementing integrity and compassion into our everyday work ethic as well as our lifestyle. We commit to first setting the standard in ourselves then being the change for others.


NSLC Vision: New Standard students soon to be professionals, through the skills obtained by observation, perception, and attention to, will aim for new heights that have yet to be reached to serve our communities wholeheartedly.

Rev. Darryl Johnson, CSM, PsyM

Professional Development Consultant / Project Manager

Rev. Darryl Johnson is a military veteran, published author, and certified ScrumMaster. He uses his education and experience to develop new projects that increase the New Standard Learning Center's growth and success. 

Mr. Johnson is also responsible for our professional development. His Master's in Psychology, UX designer certification, and k-12 teacher experience make his professional development courses fun, enlightening, and effective. Come learn how to apply the design thinking process to your quality and standard of patient care. It is literally life-saving.

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